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A Filipino Original!
Exotic Igorot Food

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So what's up on this site?


The Igorots love a dish called Pinikpikan. This is a way of cooking fowl, with some twists that you might find wierd - I don't. I find it practical.


There is no Pinikpikan if there is no Innasin (Etag, as some other call it, although ETAG simply means fleshy part of the meat). Innasin, in its own right can also be a separate dish.


People unfamiliar with this dish better try this with stuffed noses. :-). Actually, the smell is somewhat unsettling, but so is the Durian fruit, the bagoong, etc. What may be unsettling to one may smell nice to another. This dish is very, very, similar to the German Sauerkraut in terms of taste and smell. However, the ingredients are original(There are no Cassavas in Germany).


TAPEY DEMISTIFIED! I have been to a lot of drinking sessions, and while I never make it a point to introduce myself as an Igorot, I hear during braggers' time that they've tasted Tapey. This site is featuring an all original recipe.


PINIPIG to the Tagalogs, but the Igorots have a better pinipig. If you have eaten Pinipig, you have not yet tasted the real TSU-OM. An explanation is included here.


Roast Monitor Lizard. Style copied entirely from the Late Daniel Ayochok. The leaves required here are found only in the Cordillera Mountain Ranges.


Rice with a Sweet Potato touch. I have first tasted this at Caluttit, Bontoc, Mountain Province, though, I have also eaten this at Buguias, Benguet.

Daler, at your service....

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