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The first Reason: You are actually being kind to the chicken. The Wings and the Neck are numbed by the beating, and the chicken does not feel the succeeding pain while being manhandled, especially if you beat the neck first.
The Second Reason: You are being kind to yourself. When the neck and the wings are numbed, You avoid being beaten by its flapping wings, and being pecked on. Now, ainít that practical?

The third and most important reason: This is very practical. You are actually making the blood coagulate on the wings and on the neck. The wings then get thicker, and when cooked, would look like it has more meat,
not to mention the fact that it gets tastier. Another practical reason is that, when the blood has coagulated, you would then butcher the chicken or the fowl, and there would not be much blood dripping. If you did it right, there would actually be very little blood dripping all over the place. You waste very little of the chicken too. Now, again... ainít that practical or what?